The next generation of medical diagnostic

real time medical diagnosticElvesys SAS developed and patented a lab on chip technology which will enable to detect any virus, bacterias and cancerous cells in less than ten minutes in any sample such as blood or saliva.

Outside of  performance advantage given by this technologies the most important things is that the low fabrication cost of this technologies will enable everybody to get access to an efficient diagnostic anywhere in the world.

The FASTGEN fast diagnostic technologies enable ELVESYS SAS to won the ” concours mondial d’innovation” organized by the french government in order to select worldwide the 100 company which could change the french economy in the following decades.

This technology enable to do multiplex quantitative PCR in less than ten minutes and open access to a wide range of medical application. If you are interested by scientific collaboration with ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center about those medical applicationplease send a mail to contact and ask for Adrien Plecis.


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Plant the seed of the microfluidic valley

The upcoming revolution of lab on chip is based on microfluidic technologies. The goal of the Elvesys team is to install, in France,  the seed of the future microfluidic valley.

  •  Develop and patent all external instruments which enable researchers to do research about lab on chip.
  •  Develop and patent the world fastest lab on chip technology for pathogen detection in small sample.
  •  Created every years in France a new microfluidic company using last discoveries coming from microfluidic labs
  •  Initiate and follow every year new scientific collaborations on key microfluidic topics with research laboratories all over Europe
  •  Train and support french researchers in microfluidic to create their own company in France

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Elvesys innovation center partners

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Microfluidic flow control systems

ELVEFLOW ® – High performance scientific instruments for microfluidic researches

ELVEFLOW® products are the latest tools developed by the ELVESYS Innovation Center® for its own research. The best developments are directly transferred to the microfluidic research community after a systematic validation of components viability and architecture robustness.

Discover ELVEFLOW microfluidic flow control brand 

Cherry Biotech ® – Ultra fast temperature controllers for cell biology imaging

Cherry Biotech® products are based on a breaking edge microfluidics technology. The Cherry brand  propose the world fastest temperature controller for live cell imaging.

Discover Cherry biotech temperature controller brand


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Pathogen detection & bioterrorism

BIODETECTION – Leading the revolution

The ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center®  work with DGA ( Direction générale de l’Armement ) to develop outstanding pathogenic detection systems in order to ensure protection of soldiers during operation and civilian target against bioterrorism. Using last and patented microfluidic technologies and in collaboration with Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris we prepare an operational demonstrators enabling large scale pathogenic detection in less than 10 minutes.

This multidisciplinary project settle on three main technologies : 


  • Second generation electrophoresis systems for tunable separation
  • Ultrafast detection of viruses and bacteria in food / air / blood
  • Application of nanofluidics to proteomics

Leader, partner, subcontractor… Whatever your role is in the revolution of lab-on-chip systems, feel free to contact them to  push with us microfluidic technologies and accelerate the transfer of cutting edge technologies to the market. For information or collaboration on  microfluidic application related to defense please send a mail to contact and ask for Adrien Plecis.

partner DGA


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