Temperature control for life sciences imaging

Specifically designed heater-cooler for Biological applications

tempocell fast termperature control for microscopy and biology

The TempoCell platform provides exceptional temperature control for live cell imaging experiments.

Based on a breaking edge microfluidics technology, TempoCell fits easily with any microscope setup to deliver unprecedentedly rapid, precise and stable temperature shifts within a 5°C to 45 °C range while performing time-lapse video microscopy experiments.

The intuitive TempoCell software interface enables any user to get in just a few minutes the full potential of this innovative tool for cellular dynamics studies. The TempoCell software also enables programmable temperature sequencing that gives the user the opportunity to make subtle imaging experiments in which very high temporal resolution is required, but also long video microscopy experiments without the necessity for his presence. 

The user-friendliness of the TempoCell platform really benefits to the end user who can now focus on what really matters : science, without tinkering.

We have built 4 different platforms to better serve your specific needs: Choose by yourself the one you are looking for

- Temperature controller for S. Pombe imaging

Temperature controller for C. elegans imaging

- Heater-Cooler for live cell imaging perfusion

- Heater-Cooler for microfluidic chip

Examples of applications

  • Scan the role of thermo-sensitive proteins all over the cell cycle at the second scales
  • Depolymerise and repolymerise cytoskeleton in seconds
  • Heat-shock of biological system
  • Protein folding
  • Influence of temperature cycle on embryo development and cell synchronisation
  • Temperature induced stem cell differentiation


TempoCell™ temperature management software

A simple & efficient temperature management software for experiments with total confidence!

Microfluidic fast temperature controller

The intuitive software interface allows for easy and immediate use.

The edition of temperature sequences allows for high reproducibility of the experimental procedure.

Do your experiment then export & save experimental data for further analysis.


Comparative chart : temperature controller technologies for microscopy

Have a look at the comparative chart that outlines the similarities and differences between traditional temperature control systems and the TempoCell™ platform, and see why this new tool creates new opportunities for scientific advances… read more

The TempoCell™ platform has been tested at UPENN University (USA) and at Institut Curie (FR) in collaboration with CNRS and ENS Paris.

Get more information about the patented TempoCell™ technology here.

Get more information about  TempoCell™ former scientific publications here.

Join UPENN University (USA), Institut Curie (FR) and  the community of TempoCell™ users here.

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Plant the seed of the microfluidic valley

The upcoming revolution of lab on chip is based on microfluidic technologies. The goal of the Elvesys team is to install, in France,  the seed of the future microfluidic valley.

  •  Develop and patent all external instruments which enable researchers to do research about lab on chip.
  •  Develop and patent the world fastest lab on chip technology for pathogen detection in small sample.
  •  Created every years in France a new microfluidic company using last discoveries coming from microfluidic labs
  •  Initiate and follow every year new scientific collaborations on key microfluidic topics with research laboratories all over Europe
  •  Train and support french researchers in microfluidic to create their own company in France

Mission of the ELVESYS Innovation Center®  Read More…

research microfluidic elvesys microscopy


Elvesys innovation center partners

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Microfluidic flow control systems

ELVEFLOW ® – High performance scientific instruments for microfluidic researches

ELVEFLOW® products are the latest tools developed by the ELVESYS Innovation Center® for its own research. The best developments are directly transferred to the microfluidic research community after a systematic validation of components viability and architecture robustness.


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Defense projects for pathogenics detection

BIODETECTION – Leading the revolution

The ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® is preparing the future of microfluidics together with its academic partners (ENS Paris), state partners (Ministry of defense – DGA) or industrial partners.

Among the projects sustained by our team:


  • Second generation electrophoresis systems for tunable separation
  • Ultrafast detection of viruses and bacteria in food / air / blood
  • Application of nanofluidics to proteomics

Leader, partner, subcontractor… Whatever our role is in the revolution of lab-on-chip systems, we will push microfluidic technologies and accelerate the transfer of cutting edge technologies to the market.

partner DGA


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