Lab on chip for Pathogen detection against bioterrorism

Defence and bioterrorism research project

The world fastest pathogen detection system to protect military and civilian target

Pathogenic detection in less than 10 minutes

The ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® work with DGA (Direction générale de l’Armement) to develop outstanding pathogenic detection systems in order to ensure protection of soldiers during operation and civilian target against bioterrorism.Using our patented microfluidic technologies and in collaboration with Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris we prepare an operational demonstrators enabling large scale pathogenic detection in less than 10 minutes.

“This multidisciplinary collaborative work settle on four main technologies”

Second generation electrophoresis systems for tunable separation to pre-concentrate sample before analysis. This project rely on a collaboration between Elvesys and CNRS to provide an efficient and universal microfluidic separation device for medical application.

A microstructured membrane system to wash biological sample before analysis. This project have been initiated through a collaboration with the CFI and continue thought an European consortium.

Ultrafast detection of viruses and bacteria in food / air / blood. This technology have been developed in collaboration with DGA and have been awarded at the mondial innovation award organized by french government.

Application of nanofluidics to proteomics, this project rely on a collaboration between Elvesys, DGA and CNRS and use new physical effect discoverd by our team at the nanoscale to provide a system which will enable to separate and preconcentrate in minutes any molecules of interest by a factor 1000.

Leader, partner, subcontractor… Whatever your role is in the revolution of lab-on-chip systems, feel free to contact them to push with us microfluidic technologies and accelerate the transfer of cutting edge technologies to the market.


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