Careers : Searching for a job in microfluidics ?

The ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® relies on the creativity and ability of its engineers to bring ideas to reality. On the basis of this motto, the ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® provides a competitive environment to former researchers to experience the transition from lab to industry. From junior engineers to project managers, our vision of innovation will push your technical skills to confront the industrial and commercial constraints, which will also open new routes for your career. If you search for a job in microfluidic, we are searching for you too.



The R&D department of the ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® is situated in the heart of Paris at the very close vicinity of prestigious partners such as Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Pasteur Institute, Curie Institute, the Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle (ESPCI), Orsay university (Paris XI) and the Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC)…  Located directly in the Cochin Hospital, the ELVESYS Innovation Center® is close to medical research departments and benefit from the shared facilities of the research center. The central position of Paris makes it also a perfect place to participate to European projects and discover the French and European culture.

Key factor of recruitment

The ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® promotes entrepreneurship on the basis of strong technical skills. We are interested in young talented innovators who believe that microfluidics will revolutionize the world and want to open their mind and career to industrial challenges in a cooperative environment.

Join us

You’ve probably set your career goals. We designed a culture that helps you achieve them. Flexible approach, project management, innovative benefits and services, we do everything we can to ensure our employees not only exciting jobs but also an amazing work environment. You enjoy challenges and having fun? You want to change the world? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Send us your personal resume and a motivation letter ranking your personal goals and challenges. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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