Bio-defense research

BIODETECTION – Leading the revolution

The ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center®  work with DGA ( Direction générale de l’Armement ) to develop outstanding pathogenic detection systems in order to ensure protection of soldiers during operation and civilian target against bioterrorism. Using last and patented microfluidic technologies and in collaboration with Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris we prepare an operational demonstrators enabling large scale pathogenic detection in less than 10 minutes.

This multidisciplinary project settle on three main technologies : 


  • Second generation electrophoresis systems for tunable separation
  • Ultrafast detection of viruses and bacteria in food / air / blood
  • Application of nanofluidics to proteomics

Leader, partner, subcontractor… Whatever your role is in the revolution of lab-on-chip systems, feel free to contact them to  push with us microfluidic technologies and accelerate the transfer of cutting edge technologies to the market. For information or collaboration on  microfluidic application related to defense please send a mail to contact and ask for Adrien Plecis.

partner DGA