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Our multidisciplinary team provides a wide range of development and services. Our management is based around senior engineers in microfluidics totaling more than 70 peer reviewed publications, 400 citations and 10 microfluidic patents. Short cycle development and matrix management schemes are used to optimize the strengths and resources of the specialized engineers that comprise the microfluidic core of our R&D team.

Board of directors

Dr. Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

Dr. Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Former researcher in Microfluidics/Cell Biology (Institut Curie)

Microfluidics PhD (LPN - CNRS)

Electronics engineer (ESIEE)

Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship, business, microfluidics, heat transfert, microtechnology, cellular biology

13 papers, 3 patents

Learn more about Guilhem Velvé Casquillas ( in french)


Dr. Maël Le Berre

Dr. Maël Le Berre

Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder

Former researcher in Biophysics/Cell Biology (Institut Curie)

Microfluidics PhD (ENS Département chimie - Equipe microfluidique)

Electronics engineer (ESIEE)

Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, Electronics, Microtechnology, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Cell Biology

Mr. Mathieu Velvé Casquillas

Mr. Mathieu Velvé Casquillas

IT manager, indus & Co-founder

Information systems engineer

Bachelors in marketing

IT consulting (CNESOrangeBNP Paribas- Fortis)

Areas of expertise: Marketing, java, J2EE, UML, DB


Dr. Adrien Plecis

Dr. Adrien Plecis

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Head of the biological systems department (DGA - Ministry of Defense)

National Cnano Award “Best Innovative Thesis in Nanotechnology”

Microfluidics PhD (LPN - CNRS & EPFL)

Multidisciplinary engineer – Ecole polytechnique X

6 patents

Mrs. Lydie Riquier

Mrs. Lydie Riquier

Financial Director & CO-FOUNDER

Associate in mergers & acquisitions (KPMG corporate finance)


Areas of expertise: Mergers and acquisitions, financial and legal management, financial analysis, financial audit, human resources

Learn more about Lydie Riquier

Dr. Fabien Bertholle

Dr. Fabien Bertholle

Research engineer & co-founder

Microfluidics PhD (ESPCI - LCMD)

Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, millifluidics, emulsion science, cellular biology

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