Our multidisciplinary team can provide a large range of development and services. Our management is based around senior engineers in microfluidics totalizing more than 70 peer reviewed publications, 400 citations and 10 microfluidic patents. Short cycle development and matrix management scheme have been chosen to maximize the added value of our specialized engineers completing the microfluidic core of our R&D team.

Board of directors

The specificity of the ELVESYS Microfluidic Innovation Center® relies on the stability of the management board constituted of initial cofounders. This particularity explains why our strategy is and will remain “serving microfluidic revolution”.

Dr. Guilhem Velvé Casquillas - Chief Executive Officer – Co-founder

Guilhem velve casquillas PRESIDENT ELVESYS CO-FOUNDERPost doctoral researcher in microbiology (Institut Curie)

Microfluidics PhD (LPN - CNRS)

Electronics engineer (ESIEE)

Areas of expertise: Business, microfluidics, heat transfert, microtechnology, cellular biology

12 papers, see the list of publications

3 patents


Dr. Adrien Plecis – Chief Scientific Officer

Adrien Plecis GENERAL DIRECTOR ELVESYS and co-founderHead of Biological system department (DGA - Ministry of defense)
National Cnano award “best innovative thesis in nanotechnology”
Microfluidics PhD (LPN - CNRS & EPFL)
Multidisciplinary Engineer – Ecole polytechnique X
6 patents




Mrs. Lydie Riquier - Administrative & Financial Director – Co-founder

Lydie Riquier DAF and ELVESYS co founderAssociate in Mergers & Acquisitions (KPMG corporate finance)


Areas of expertise: Mergers and acquisitions, financial and legal management, financial analysis, financial audit, human resources

Learn more about Lydie Riquier




Mr. Mathieu Velvé Casquillas – IT manager, marketing & industrialisation – Co-founder

Mathieu Velve Casquillas ELVESYS CO-FOUNDERInformation systems engineer

Bachelor of marketing

IT consulting (CNESOrangeBNP Parisbas- Fortis)

Areas of expertise: Marketing, java, J2EE, UML, DB





Dr. Fabien Bertholle – Research and Development engineer

Fabien Bertholle ELVESYS CO-FOUNDERMicrofluidics PhD (ESPCI - LCMD)

Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, millifluidics, emulsion science, cellular biology






Dr. Maël Le Berre – External Scientific Advisor – Co-founder

Mael Le Berre Scientific advisor and ELVESYS co-founderPost doctoral researcher in microbiology (Institut Curie)

Microfluidics PhD (ENS Département chimie - Equipe microfluidique)

Electronics engineer (ESIEE)

Areas of expertise: Microfluics, microtechnology, cellular biology





  • CAO of microfluidic layers
  • PDMS or Glass-PDMS-Glass device prototyping
  • Surface micro and nano patterning

Electronics / informatics

  • Analogical electronics (internal prototyping / routing/ external production)
  • Digital electronics (SPIE/ USB / I2C)
  • µ-controller programming
  • Matlab / Labview /C / C++ programming
  • Web / software / driver and installation pack design

Mechanics / Thermodynamics / Fluidics

  • CAO (Solid Works, Catia)
  • Finite elements simulation (Comsol)
  • Mechanical and 3D rapid prototyping
  • Injection molding

Biology / biochemistry

  • Cellular Biology (bacteria, yeast, embryo, worms, Hela and steem cells)
  • Housing at Cochin hospital (-80°C fridge, homologated labs)
  • Access to high resolution microscopy center
  • PCR/basic proteomics


The Microfluidic Innovation Center can also provide small and medium series of OEM or custom products. Our Production relies on a network of selected providers from Europe that ensure us the best reproducibility and quality of our subsystem components. All systems are integrated and calibrated in our own facilities.